Scott Berthelette

Scott Berthelette is Red River Métis, a member of the Manitoba Métis Federation, and an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Queen’s University. He holds a PhD in History from the University of Saskatchewan. Berthelette’s research and teaching centres on the history of New France, Indigenous peoples, the Métis, the fur trade, and French-Indigenous relations in North America. 

Berthelette’s upcoming book “France in the Hudson Bay Watershed: Imperial Ambitions, Canadien Intermediaries, and the Rise of the Métis” examines how French-Canadian voyageurs and coureurs de bois were instrumental cultural brokers between Indigenous peoples and the French colonial government in the Hudson Bay watershed. This book is being published with McGill-Queen’s University Press.   

Contact Information:

• 613-533-6000 ext: 74365

Twitter: @S_Berthelette.

Select Publications:

Berthelette, Scott. “‘Les Sçioux n’étoient bons qu’à manger’: La Colle and the Anishinaabeg-  Dakota War, 1730-1742.” Ethnohistory, Vol. 69, No. 01 (2022): Forthcoming.

Berthelette, Scott. “New France and the Hudson Bay Watershed: Transatlantic Networks, Backcountry Specialists, and French Imperial Projects in post-Utrecht North America, 1713-1729.” Canadian Historical Review, 101, no. 1 (2020): 1-26.

Berthelette, Scott. “‘Frères et Enfants du Même Père’: The French Illusion of Empire West of the Great Lakes, 1731-1743.” Early American Studies, 14, no. 1 (2016): 174-198.

Berthelette, Scott. “The Making of a Manitoban Hero: Commemorating La Vérendrye in St. Boniface and Winnipeg 1886-1938.” Manitoba History 74 (2014): 15-25.

Online and Non-Refereed

Berthelette, Scott. “Quarantine in the Northwest: The Hudson’s Bay Company’s Measures to Stop the 1779-1783 Smallpox Epidemic.” Borealia | A Group Blog on Early Canadian History (March 30, 2020).

Berthelette, Scott. “New France and Indigenous Agency in the Hudson Bay Watershed.” Borealia | A Group Blog on Early Canadian History (October 10, 2017).